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Why Healing Myofascial Release

Healing Myofascial Release Vancouver, WA.

I have compassion and the skillset to help anyone who walks into my office. I have survived and overcome a fatal accident, had several surgeries, nursed my child back to life when he was almost dead, and have had most of the injuries that I commonly treat.

The thing that has helped me the most is receiving the beautiful Myofascial Release that I give. All of this life experience allows me to connect with the individual on the table. When you are on the table the most important thing is that you feel safe to open up, let go and heal. I want to make sure that you are heard. You’re not alone. You matter. You are the most important person at that moment and you get to have your voice heard. I love to hear your stories. Because I do this I am able to provide healing to everyone who walks through the door.

Most of my clients come in feeling hopeless ever getting out of pain, and by the end they are hopeful that after a few or several sessions they will find a reason to live again and be pain free.

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