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Katherine Allen LMT

Founder of Healing Myofascial Release

I used to drive cross country in a semi-truck and know what areas are tight and restricted for all those that drive and sit for a living. In November 2010, I was driving my semi-truck and a drunk driver t-boned me and the semi-truck flipped. After the accident, I was only offered physical therapy for a few months and rehabbed improperly all the while. I was never treated for the PTSD I had from the near-fatal wreck.

A year after the accident, I went to the Soma Institute for clinical massage and graduated with honors with my Master’s certificate in 2013. Shortly after I graduated I got pregnant and gave birth to a healthy boy in February 2014. However, he had a horrible reaction to vaccines and nearly died. Chiropractic, myofascial release, and craniosacral therapy are the only treatments that saved his life. So, I learned all I could about the John Barnes myofascial release and craniosacral therapy. My son is healthy today, and he is non-verbal autistic. This is one of the reasons I treat parents and children in the autistic community, and other individuals with a variety of deep muscle pain who have been without success from other treatment methods.

I moved from Chicago to Vancouver, WA in August 2017 and have had the passion ever since to start my own business. Healing Myofascial Release (MFR) was founded started in January 2021,in the middle of a pandemic, because people need hope and a safe place to heal. I also teach a myofascial release class at the local college. I am a resource for the WYCA and the Clark County Veteran Resource center. Contact me to learn more about what myofascial release can do for you today!


Konstantin Romaschenko LMT

Konstantin immigrated here from Russia when he was 9.  He has spent his life’s work in construction, contracting tile and paint work. He also used to drive a semi truck for 4 years.  He is a hard worker.  Konstantin treated his sister and sister-in-laws through their pregnancy’s and through giving prenatal massages for 10 + years they encouraged him to enroll into Massage School.

Konstantin was healed of back pain after receiving Myofascial Release at age 13. He has been looking for this work ever since.  When I taught the Myofascial Release at the Pacific Northwest Massage Academy he immediately recognized it and said “This is what I want to do!”  He has been training 1:1 with me in Myofascial Release since he graduated in January of 2024 and is gifted at this beautiful modality. Konstantin is a natural facilitator of healing hands that God has Blessed him with, both strong and graceful. Because of this he gravitates to deeper work although he is very gentle. Faith and family play a key role in his calm temperament.  When he is not working he enjoys spending his time with his parents, bothers and sister, and 14 nieces and nephews.


Beth McCarty, Admin

Beth for the past several years has been a health Care Coordinator at Springwood Landing here in Vancouver, WA. Growing up in Mololla, OR she gravitated to Vancouver, WA after she got married.  Beth loves taking care of her family and people.  She loves hiking in the woods where there is no data and kayaking down the Columbia River, Horseshoe Lake or any other body of water she can float on or kayak down.  Beth is a lover of life. She has a dog, 3 cats, and a bunny rabbit. She also takes care of her husband, 3 kids, and is very involved in taking care of the homeless community. Her and her husband have a food and catering ministry and business called A bite of Grace 2.0

To get a hold of Beth regarding booking an appointment or a billing issue please contact her at (503) 302-6918.

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