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Myofascial Release is a form of manual therapy developed by John F. Barnes. Your fascia is your grounding substance that holds you in place at 2,000 per square inch. It innervates every muscles, tendon, organ, cell in the body. After falls, injury, surgery, stress happens the fascial becomes dehydrated and scar tissue forms. This keeps the body in a straightjacket like form and the body and mind gets stuck. Myofascial release unlocks the body and mind by releasing the fascial system. It rehydrates the fascial system allowing for freedom and pain free range of motion to take place.
Because there are fascial restrictions through the entire body it is best if the patient wear no lotion prior to the appointment. This allows me to shear the fascial system and rehydrate it. If you are a female patient please wear a sports bra and shorts, or tank top and shorts or a bikini. For male clients please wear athletic shorts or swim trunks.
Because there is no lotion where the crosslinks and fibers of the fascia start release some people report an Indian burn sensation. You are always in control of the session. It is important to remember myofascial release will never hurt you.
Myofascial Release is a great modality to address PTSD, emotional and mental health issues, as well as physical pain from everyday use, car accidents or surgeries. The fascia stores memory, both good and bad, trauma, pain, ect. So, when the fascia is released the memory and the emotions tend to come up. Not only does the Myofascial Release help the physical pain of trauma, it helps you feel the emotions so that the body and mind can properly heal.
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