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Back Pain

Myofascial Release for Back Pain in Vancouver, WA.

A Personal Message From Katherine Allen LMP, Founder of Healing Myofascial Release

If you prioritize your health and seek a lasting solution to lead a more active life free from the constraints of pain, then you’ve landed in the right place!

Many often dismiss back pain, assuming it will resolve itself. It’s a frequent tendency to attribute it to an uncomfortable sleeping position or simply view it as a universal experience at some stage of life.

If you find yourself in this situation, rest assured you’re not alone. We encounter such sentiments regularly.

In fact, back pain is a prevalent issue among both runners and athletes who seek our assistance in the clinic.

Before Seeking Treatment At Healing Myofascial Release, Many Of Our Patients Grappling With Back Pain Are Advised To:

However, The Reality Of Back Pain For Runners And Athletes Is Quite Different:

"We Assist Runners And Active Adults In The Vancouver, Washington Area In Overcoming Injuries, Emerging Stronger Than Ever, All Without The Need For Medications, Injections, Or Surgery, Allowing Them To Sidestep Unnecessary Time Off."

When facing a back injury, the abundance of available options can be bewildering, leaving you unsure of the best course of action.
Throughout this, the doctor’s advice may have been to rest and rely on medication.

When Addressing A Significant Issue Like Back Pain And Stiffness…

The choice of healthcare provider is crucial for your well-being.

Selecting the wrong provider could lead to undergoing risky surgery unnecessarily or developing a lifelong dependence on addictive pain medications. Opting for the “least-invasive” and most natural treatment is absolutely crucial in putting an end to your back discomfort and stiffness, and preventing its recurrence.

To achieve this, it’s imperative to go beyond merely alleviating the pain and seek a provider who is committed to understanding the underlying cause of the pain.

This is the path to obtaining a lasting solution to your problems.

We Provide A Hands-On Approach To Your Well-Being Through Our Healing Myofascial Release 3-Step Method.

STEP 1: Identify the Root Cause of Your Discomfort
We’ll guide you through a thorough biomechanical evaluation to pinpoint the source of your issue. Then, we’ll outline the necessary steps to restore your full functionality and return to the activities you love.
STEP 2: Address and Resolve Specific Concern Areas
We’ll craft a personalized treatment plan designed exclusively for you and aligned with your objectives. This will ultimately lead to enhanced strength, freedom from pain, and a more streamlined path toward achieving your goals.
STEP 3: Attain Optimal Performance
Once we guide you back to pain-free exercise, we’ll introduce strategies to elevate your performance beyond your pre-injury level. Additionally, we’ll implement measures to fortify your body, reducing the likelihood of future injuries.

Say Goodbye To Back Pain For Good And Prevent It From Recurring!

At Healing Myofascial Release, we can assist you in:

Our most successful clients are those who are driven and eager to reclaim their active lifestyle, even if they’re currently feeling stuck!

You don’t have to give up the activities you love due to issues that can be resolved.

Let’s arrange a time to discuss how you can regain your sense of self once more.

Katherine Allen LMT Founder of Healing Myofascial Release

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